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Student Tours from Edinburgh
Student Tours from Glasgow

​​Welcome to International Student Tours (IST) - Scotland


  • No student experience in Scotland is complete without an exciting tour with International Student Tours! 


  • We offer affordable guided tours with the aim to bring international students (and visitors) together to discover the most beautiful places in Scotland and to provide them with an opportunity to learn and appreciate its colourful history, rich culture, music and nature. All students and non-students are welcome to join.


       Scotland was voted as the 'Most Beautiful Country in the World'.


  • Scotland is a wonderful country and it was voted the most beautiful country in the world by Rough Guides in 2017. So, you are in the right place! We are here to ensure all students and visitors will enjoy every bit of their stay in Scotland and leave with great memories of this beautiful country.


  • All our tours are truly an extraordinary experience for international students and visitors.  

  • Every tour is fully guided and designed to help you discover the most exciting and beautiful locations in Scotland including historic attractions such as castles, cathedrals, gardens, towns, cities, as well as the beautiful and stunning nature in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. 

  • Our friendly and knowledgeable Tour Guides will guide you throughout the tours with lots of interesting facts, stories, history of the places and of course you will know more about fascinating Scottish music. In addition, we also provide lots of useful information about the key sites and places to eat and to shop in provided maps and itineraries. 

  • We take care of the details and you just simply relax and enjoy the tour without having to worry about the logistical hassles and take the opportunity to make new friendships.

  • Our tours are not limited to students. Visitors, non-Students, friends and your family members or anyone who is interested in exploring Scotland can join us in the fun! 


  • Your comfort is our priority! We journey in safe, modern and comfortable coaches.  Our tours are all run with a private quality and luxury coach with AC, hand sanitiser and experienced friendly drivers. 

  • We care for your safety. Every travel groups are accompanied by our responsible and friendly guides. 

  • You will have plenty of time on every tour for walking, hiking, sightseeing, shopping and visiting the most picturesque places.


  • We always depart on time making sure you will spend more time visiting the places.


Don't miss out the fun. Join, have fun, discover Scotland and make new friends from all over the world. If you'd like to join us and be rewarded with an incredible experience, you can book tickets online. Tickets are available based on first come first served. 

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