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Student Tours from Edinburgh
Student Tours from Glasgow

Terms and Conditions

Accepting Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket for a tour with International Student Tours (IST), you agree to and accept the following terms and conditions. This agreement is between you, the tour participant (henceforth referred to as "you" or "your") and International Student Tours (henceforth referred to as "IST", "we" or "our").


Age restriction

International Students (and non-students / visitors) are to be a minimum age of 18 at the time of travel. 

Booking and Payment

To guarantee your participation on any IST trip, payment must be made in full and in advance subject to availability. You can book tickets online on our Eventbrite Page.


Inclusion and exclusion
Transportation and a tour guide are included in your ticket. Admission fees (such as entry to all historic attractions, whisky distillery, etc) and meals are not included in the tour price unless expressly mentioned in the tour description. 


Changes to itinerary and cancellation

Whilst we provide the tour as planned, we reserve the right to alter itineraries in any way, and for whatever reason, including the weather, road conditions and technical issues. We cannot, therefore, guarantee the full itinerary and we can't guarantee the departure or arrival times at any particular points of a tour itinerary. In case of any disruption by the weather, road conditions or any other reason, IST will not be held responsible for delay or deviation. In case of ferry cancellation (on our tours to the islands) due to weather or technical issues or any other reason, we would offer an alternative suitable itinerary in the mainland Scotland. Tickets cannot be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions.

Refund Policy​

Tickets are not refundable if you miss the pick up point or if you are late at the pick up point for any reason. Ticket transfers are not possible either. In the event of cancellation of the tour by us, you will be refunded in full.

Transferring Tickets to Others

In the event of transferring / selling your tickets to others, you need to notify International Student Tours 48 hour prior to departure and must email IST the details of the person who may use your ticket including his / her full name, email, address, phone number and gender, for check in purposes. We reserve the right to deny anyone whose tickets in not confirmed by us and whose name is not on our guest list.

If you intend to buy a ticket to any of our tours from other attendees, you must first contact International Student Tours Scotland so we can confirm the validity of the ticket before you're purchasing a ticket from others. We do not take any responsibility if the ticket you purchase from others is scam or if it is not a valid ticket for any reason. 

We strongly recommend that passengers arrange their own suitable travel and medical insurance.

All our tours are Risk Assessed. IST has the appropriate Public Liability Insurance to operate. Our coach partners who work with us also have their own Insurance in place for the journey. It is the tour participant's responsibility to look after themselves on our tours and take the Health and Safety comments seriously at all times throughout the journey. 


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted on the coach but there will be a chance to smoke on stops en route for those who wish to smoke.



The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry or check in any person whose conduct or manner is likely to cause offence, upset or danger to other passengers or our staff. 

Tour participant's responsibilities and missing the pick up point and the tour

If you're late for your tour, our cancellation policy applies. 100% charges are applicable and you will not be entitled to a refund or alternative. It is your responsibility to ensure you are at the pick up point on time. In the event that you miss the Pick Up Point for being late, any extra travel costs incurred are paid by you. Meeting times are set by our tour guides throughout the journey and it is your responsibility to meet on the coach at the designated time and specified location. You must be considerate of your fellow tour participants and not be late at meeting times. In the event that you miss a planned departure, any extra travel costs incurred are paid by you. You will not be refunded if you decide to leave the tour at any point for any reason.

Documentation to bring with you on a tour 

After you book a trip with IST, a confirmation email with a pdf e-ticket will be sent to your email inbox. Please show the pdf electronic version of your ticket at the pick up point. You must carry an ID with you for check in purposes. 

Contacting Us

You can contact us at anytime. We will reply your emails as soon as we can, however, due to shortage of staff we will reserve the right to reply your email within 14 working days from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We do not reply emails over the weekends and public holidays. 


Health and fitness

Our tours may involve walking aspects, the degree dependent on the specific tour. As a tour participant, you should be in good health and have an appropriate level of fitness to walk on the tours. You must inform us of any medical condition, medical history or medications that you are on. This particularly affects asthma, diabetes, heart conditions and allergies (especially to wasp/bee stings and any food allergies). If you get travel sick, you also need to inform us in advance. 

Personal Data Usage Policy

Please note that by joining a tour with IST you are agreeing to our data usage. You will receive a reminder email about the tour and other issues if necessary on the week of your tour and an additional update email about the future tours. No details are kept by International Student Tours Scotland for further use. 

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