Dumfries and Galloway

A journey thorugh the beautiful east coast of Scotland

Dumfries is the Bobert Burn's Home. Calvin Haris, the famous Scottish singer and DJ was born in Dumfries. 

We will start our journey with a very beautiful drive to Drumlanrig Castle, situated on the Queensberry Estate in Dumfries and Galloway Scotland. You will understand the charm and beauty that exudes from the Castle’s finely hewn red sandstone walls, hence its affectionate name, the “Pink Palace”. Different to castles we have previously visited in Scotland, Drumlanrig Castle is esteemed to be one of the finest examples of 17th Century Renaissance architecture in the country. Its structure is complemented by its stunning surroundings as it commands the views across the Nith Valley. We will also have the opportunity to appreciate a delightful walk through beautiful landscape, surrounded by a diverse range of wildlife and mixed woodlands, passing Montagu Bridge and Beech Loch. Interestingly, in the past, this loch provided plentiful supplies of ice for the preservation of food before the handy notion of refrigeration came along. Surely hungry, yet energized from a refreshing walk, we will then make our way to Dumfries for lunch. Dumfries was Robert Burns’s final home from 1793 to 1796, when he passed away at the young age of 37. Whilst in Dumfries we will also have the chance to see some historic, cultural and beautiful sites including Robert Burns Home and Burns Mausoleum. This day trip also includes visiting Comlongon Castle, an impressively restored 15th Century Medieval Scottish Castle, wedding venue. We will have access to explore its grounds, including its wonderful gardens, some rooms and a chance to see lots of cute highland cows on site! 


Tour Highlights


  • Dumfries & Galloway 

  • Drumlanrig Castle

  • Comlongon Castle

  • Comlongon Castle

  • Drumlanrig Castle

  • River Nith

  • Dock Park

  • Robert Burns Home

  • Burns Mausoleum

  • Robert Burns's Original Grave Site

  • St Michael's Church

  • The Midsteeple

  • Castledykes Park

  • The Caul

  • Bridge House Museum



Intresting Facts


  •  Drumlanrig Castle is also known as "Pink Castle" and offers beautiful sceneries and great walks.

  • Comlongon Castle is an impressive wedding venue and we have access to the gardens, some rooms and we will also see lots of cute highland cows!

  • Dumfries: CALVIN HARRIS, the famous Scottish singer and DJ was born in Dumfries.




  • Return Journey

  • Map and Itinerary

  • Free time for sights, shops & museums

  • Visiting Dumfries 





  • You will have plenty of time in Dumfries to have lunch in bars and restaurants or you can have your own packed lunch.






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  • 07:15 Paisley

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